Vernon L. Williams is the Small Biz Stress Guru. He's on a mission to empower small business owners to stamp out the stress that agonizes them. Get his free ebook, Top 6 Myths that Perpetuate Stress (And How to Dispel Them) and take the first steps toward preventing stress. 

After more than twenty years of leading high-performing corporate customer
service and marketing teams, Vernon was “downsized” two years before becoming eligible to retire. Instead of being discouraged, he saw this as an opportunity to become an entrepreneur, providing life-transforming coaching and training for corporate, government and faith-based clients.

Corporate and government clients include: Medstar Health, Social Security Administration, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, U.S. Capitol Police, International Association of Workforce Professionals and Breakthrough Beverage Corporation. Faith-based clients include Grace Community Church, Grace Fellowship Church, Bridgeway Community Church, Mt. Jezereel Baptist Church, Celebration Church, and Bethel AME Church.

During more than twenty years of entrepreneurship, Vernon has learned how to prevent being stressed despite financial challenges, sales issues, work overload, managing difficult people/situations and balancing work and personal life.

Now, he teaches his proven stress-prevention strategies to other small business owners.

Vernon has a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Vernon has written seven books:

Top 6 Myths That Perpetuate Stress (And How to Dispel Them) 

The Power to Rejoice: 21 Days to Victory Over Your Problems

Why Employees Fail to Meet Performance Expectations & How to Fix the Problem.

Rejoice through Problems: 13 Steps to Victory 

425 Ways to Stretch Your $$$$

3 Rules that Guarantee Financial Success

Paddle Your Own Boat: 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success



I teach you prevent work stress and live healthily.


We are victors, not victims.