About Me

Vernon L. Williams is a coach, speaker and author. Having achieved success despite several problems (workplace conflict, lack of opportunity for growth/advancement, too heavy a workload, job layoff, to name a few), Vernon helps Christians overcome their problems and live with joy.

Vernon has a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University. He completed a one year program of Biblical counseling methods taught by Pastor Brent T. Brooks, a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary and the founding pastor of Grace Community Church.

Vernon is the author of six books: The Power to Rejoice: 21 Days to Victory Over Your ProblemsRejoice through Problems: 13 Steps to Victory,

Paddle Your Own Boat: 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success

425 Ways to Stretch Your $$$$, 3 Rules that Guarantee Financial Success,

and Why Employees Fail to Meet Performance Expectations & How to Fix the Problem.

Vernon is also the author of one ebook, Top 7 Myths That Perpetuate Stress And How to Dispel Them 


To use my expertise in helpful thinking and behavior to help Christians live with joy.


We are victors, not victims.